Lengthening on Nail


Leg Lengthening Surgery


leg lengthening surgery in gurgaonLengthening over an intramedullary nail (LON) emerged to allow early fixator removal and a more comfortable consolidation period without jeopardizing the integrity of the regenerate.

Leg Lengthening Surgery Procedure details :The technique of LON can be adopted in most patients, with some modifications. The medullary canal to be reamed over an olive-tipped guide wire until a diameter 2 mm larger than that of the intended IM nail. Insertion of the IM nail is required with two proximal locking screws applied, and the distal locking screws omission, to be done in the second operation when the patient reached to the desired length. With the IM nail in place, an external fixator can be applied for lengthening.

All external fixator pins or wires are inserted without coming in contact with the intramedullary nail. There has to be an approximately one millimetre or more of space between the external fixation pin and the nail.

The procedure is usually performed on for both legs at the same time. The maximum possible leg lengthening surgery is 7-10 cm in leg bones. Same in the thigh bones if person wants more height gain





Dr. T Sringari is a specialist in Leg Lengthening Surgery in Gurgaon at Polaris Clinic