Shoulder and Elbow

Soulders and elbows are an integral part of the human anatomy. It holds whole of arm with the torso and also allows it to be in motion to a particular direction set by shoulder joints and elbow joints.


Shoulder conditions:


Rheumatoid Artherities

A form of arthritis in which the immune system attacks the joints, causing inflammation and pain. Rheumatoid arthritis can affect any joint, including the shoulder.


Shoulder Dislocation:

The humerus or one of the other bones in the shoulder slips out of position. Raising the arm causes pain and a “popping” sensation if the shoulder is dislocated.



Elbow conditions:



Tennis elbow is a very common type of overuse injury. It can occur both from chronic repetitive motions of the hand and forearm, and from trauma to the same areas. These repetitions can injure the tendons that connect the extensor supinator muscles (which rotate and extend the forearm) to the olecranon process (also known as “the elbow”).




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